Talking Point – “The M-Word”

The latest Uncanny Avengers featured a fairly significant speech by Alex Summers (Havok) regarding people’s attitudes towards mutants, and quite a few news sites have latched onto this and the overall implications of his speech.

For those of you who missed it, here’s the speech;


While undoubtedly given with the best of intentions, series writer Rick Remember has incurred some criticism from various sources for having Alex firmly rejecting the term ‘mutant’ (referring to it as the ‘m-word’, a term which inevitably draws comparisons to the ‘n-word’) as offensive and representing everything he hates.

The problem certain groups are having is that, as he offers no alternative term to describe the minority he represents, Alex is effectively showing the world that he’s ashamed of being a mutant and just wants to be treated like a ‘normal’ person. And that way of thinking goes against the position adopted by most minority groups, as they instead advocate embracing and celebrating the differences between the different groups, rather than denying those differences exist.

Anyway, while this may be a little heavy for an Easter Sunday evening when you’re all full of chocolate, I thought I’d throw it open to you guys, a well-informed and opinionated bunch of comicbook fans. What’s your take on the speech?


Is Havok rejecting his own mutant identity and attempting to put mutant-kind back into the ‘closet’? Is he making the right point but in the wrong way? Does he just need a slap? Or do people just have way too much time on their hands to over-analyse comic book speeches?

Sound off, people!


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