Marvel announces ‘Superior Foes of Spider-Man’ by Nick Spencer & Steve Lieber

superiorfoesofspiderman_02 have just confirmed their latest ongoing series, but this one has a slight twist to it. Superior Foes of Spider-Man (to be written by Nick Spencer and illustrated by Steve Lieber) will be based around the new Sinister “Six” of Boomerang, Shocker, Speed Demon, the Beetle, and Overdrive.
Spencer had the following to say.
“It’s Boomerang’s gang, though obviously, these characters being who they are, that authority won’t go unquestioned.”
He also confirmed that while Spiderman will obviously feature in the title, the focus will remain firmly on the villians, and also on their reaction to the new “superior” version of their nemesis.
“With the number of times Spidey’s gone head to head with them, of course they’re going to notice changes. In some ways, they know Spider-Man better than anyone.”
He also expressed his desire to delve into the secret identities of the villians, an approach which hasn’t really been touched on much in the past.
“A big part of this book is definitely showing you the life behind the costume. A lot of the time we spend with them, the masks are off. That was actually my pitch here: that these guys, they’re actually a lot like Spider-Man, in the classic sense of the character,” said Spencer. “They don’t have the innate nobility or the desire to do the right thing, but they’re hard-luck stories, just like Peter Parker is/was. They’re not shooting for the stars so much as trying to survive. Every time they win in one part of their lives, they lose in another. So there’s something intrinsically cool and intriguing about that mirror aspect of the relationship.”
A really interesting idea then, and given the success rate of Spencer as a writer (not to mention Marvel as whole lately) , this is definitely going to be a project to watch out for.

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