Mug of Duff – “It’s all spoiled!”


Good morning guys, I hope you’ve all gorged in enough chocolate this weekend! The issue I want to discuss this week is spoilers.   I don’t pick up many DC titles but I was quite surprised that those I do read had pages dedicated to a news report about Robin’s death and my immediate thought was, “well, it’s just as well that I don’t read Batman or I’d be pissed if I hadn’t read that issue yet”. Even so though, DC had been hinting for weeks that someone in the Batfamily was going to be killed off and I don’t understand how that achieves anything but diminishing the impact of the event when it happens.

Marvel, if anything, are worse. I read about the death of Captain America in the paper before I read it in comics and they’re even now releasing information on post AU titles that reveal insights into major new changes in 616. Why are publishers falling over themselves to spoil their own plots?

When the DKR was being publicised I refused to watch trailers or read articles about it because I didn’t want to know anything and so often nowadays films give away major plot points or the best parts in their marketing.

Obviously that’s what this comes down to, marketing, but what do you guys think? Does this grind your gears too?


1 Comment on Mug of Duff – “It’s all spoiled!”

  1. Agreed, the marketing aspect in making branched out story arcs is helpful but it just kills off the creativity of comic books RIP or otherwise…

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