Stuff and Things: Flawed super powers.


Jamie isn’t too well this week so Greg is covering this for him, we hope Jamie a speedy recovery.

And then this got me thinking about something we brought up on the Podcast, Wolverines Power has a lot of flaws (see the podcast for more info on that one)

So i started thinking about other flawed powers and i came up with these 3;

1) The Flash, I’m bit of a science guy so i think about really anal things, but if he’s moving faster than everyone else surely he would be ageing quicker than everyone else. every time he used his power he would get a bit more older than a normal person, his life should be going quicker than it is

I know that he doesn’t stop time altogether but he runs at that fast a speed its close to it

2) Luke Cage……..Can he shave? in fact can Clark Kent to? we see him with a beard in the Man of Steel trailer. How does that work?

3) Bullseye, Never misses, but he’s a man……we’ve all had a twin stream before (Girls count yourself lucky) so is his Aim that good?

Any more you guys can think of?

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