GK’s Under the Influence: Team Spirit


Hey folks it’s Monday which means it’s that time of the week were I rant about anything and everything comic related that happens to be on my head. This week… In general are there TOO many superteams?

In the past week we found there will be an Avengers AI who will be a robotic/cybernetic version of the team. Alongside the teams featured in Avengers, Young Avengers, Secret Avengers, New Avengers and Dark Avengers this makes Marvel even more crowded with superteams.

My problem isn’t with the actual number of publications even though at 3 quid a whip you do have to budget rather my problem is with the fact it can often lead to storyline problems. Seeing 2 or more of your favorite characters is often the hook and in time the team should seem like some kind of extension of the nuclear family but when you have characters on more than one team it challenges how believable that is is Tony Starks priority his own work, Being a Guardian or general “Avengering” the same can be said for Wolverine or Captain America or numerous others. It also often leads to continuity problems when a character say’s something that isn’t in keeping with what we see of them in a different title just look at the headache over at DC with Tim Drake always being Red Robin in the pages of Teen Titans.

jsc-nowShould they be limited?… I wouldn’t say that exactly but when there is so much intermingling of teams It sort of dilutes what the team represents. At the very least come up with some sort of witty title rather than bunging everything under an Avengers or X-men or whatever team happens to be hot at the given times banner. Though lets face it that is what makes them sell.

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