13497_521860677860193_952295619_nSo censorship is something that has been cropping up recently, both in the Comics Industry, and here on the page. 

Chris Burnham’s original art for the death of Damien Wayne was altered to make it printable as it showed a sword being out through a child, then a gaping wound in his chest. While this shocking image was graphic, and an important part of the story, it was then edited to make it, if anything, less. The images that were then printed were considerably tamer, and although they still depicted the death of a child, it definitely took away from the story. The original sketches were available on ebay straight away and went for considerable amounts of cash.

Then this week, Saga was taken off Comixology (i believe it’s not back up, but that’s besides the point) due to the graphic nature of a scene involving a guy giving a blowjob on the screen of a Prince who’s head is a TV (one of many reasons i love this book, i might add!) which allegedly broke their TOS.

My point of all this is has Censorship gone too far? Surely any form of Literature shouldn’t be subject to being censored, just to protect the poor wee readers. All it takes is a disclaimer, making the reader aware of the graphical content, that way, it’s not spoiled for the rest of us? And where is the line drawn? Saga especially, has already gave us scenes of child birth and GIANT testicles, that have been released uncensored.

Language is another sore point. “Swear words” are still seen as taboo, but are used in every day life by many of us and are part of our vocabulary that we use most. It’s not a question of having limited skills in vocalising your point so you resort to Dirty Words, it just so happens that ‘fuck’ is better suited, no? We here on the page have run into a couple of speed bumps when it comes to this. While i feel that there are very few words that i wouldn’t use, ever, when i post here, i still feel that i have to hold back on the language i use, because it does go out to so many of you.

Question of the day: Where do you stand with Censorship and Language restrictions? Are they necessary, or have they gone too far?


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  1. is it far fetched or does book stores or comic book shop vendors / owners need to see IDs from the paying public?

    Also the strong push for this Publications in introducing Gay / Lesbian superheroes to get actual market share from this demographic…your thoughts?

    Cheers :)

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