GK’s Under The Influence: Sibling Rivalry

So after a gap of a week, let’s just say technical difficulties. It’s Monday so time for my usual ramblings of anything comic related that spring to mind. This week Sibling Rivalries…

As is often the case life imitates art and with that in mind for every Johnny and Sue Storms there are just as many Loki and Thors. Not all are friendly but by and large are share a lot of similarities.

Thanos and Eros

Thanos and Eros

Firstly I would point to Thanos and Eros, One is a pervert who lusts after women he shouldn’t and the other is Thanos (cue drumroll). But how can such an inconsequential character and sometimes Avenger ever hope to beat the success of the guy who destroyed half a universe. Admittedly I have absolutely no interest in Eros as a character but If I was their father I would disavow him as my child and be proud of Thanos due to not being so for lack of a word lame.

He Ain't Heavy...

He Ain’t Heavy…

Then my personal favorite if only because I find it hilarious how butchered it was on screen. Dredd and Rico, Probably share the most similarities on a genetic level especially but both were from birth indoctrinated in the dispensing of Justice as a street Judge. That’s why it was astounding that someone so similar to Dredd an unwavering instrument on the law would resort to crime. In stark contrast to Marvel who would never kill of cash cows such as Thanos or Loki it was taken to the logical and extremely potent end and the only way it ever could with Dredd a shootout.

As usual feel free to include any of your favorites especially ones not mentioned.


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