GK’s Under the Influence: Young at Heart

Young Avengers, Issue 4 cover.

Young Avengers, Issue 4 cover.

I struggled to think of something to write this week because frankly I wanted to exploded at Iron Man 3 but no way of doing that without giving away spoilers, Then I thought why not talk about the Iron Man comic but again not finding that too hot right now and then my train of thought moved on to Kieron Gillen particularly Young Avengers which in contrast to Iron Man I am loving right now. When I heard they were bringing Young Avengers back in with Marvel NOW! I was initially skeptical new creative team and new in book team line up. But not wanting to miss out I picked it up when issue one was out back in January.

Since then it is easily becoming one of my favorite comics. It’s is still very much the early days with the new team forming but this stage is almost at an end with the introduction of the last 2 players in issue 4 Marvel Boy and Hawkeye or whatever name she goes by. The antagonist so far an inter-dimensional parasite that is trying to devour our team of heroes are rather forgettable in the long run I imagine but the fact they it does so in the shape of their parents is a nice hook. You can also see the team dynamic coming together everyone at all times suspicious of Kid Loki in spite of his disarming appearance.

The dialogue is hilarious at times and so far has given gems such as Kid Loki’s “Bacon engulfed in a floury roll! With the ketchup condiment” when ordering a bacon roll to Noah Var saving the day with “Come with me if you want to be awesome”. Then there is the art provided by Jamie McKelvie which again is the perfect accompaniment to Gillen’s writing.

I still miss the original line up even they never remained static with Iron Lad leaving almost immediately and by and large this has won me over. If it isn’t on your pull list add it whilst it’s still early enough being that issue 4 is out already because this is shaping into a great book.

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