Mug of Duff – April 30th 2013

The many lives of X-Men in general

942382_528630750516519_2052297670_nGood afternoon everyone and happy Tuesday once again. I’m still in the unfortunate position of not having picked up any comics since February but I’m looking forward to picking up a month and half’s worth this weekend :)

However I’ve been rather saddened this week to learn that X-Factor is officially wrapping up rather than just restarting or taking a new direction. Since the original Madrox mini-series this title has been one of not only my favourite X-Men titles but one of my favourite comics overall.

Now that said, one of the guys had a reaction much akin to ‘Pfft, that just leaves another 200 X- titles’ and as much as I love this book specifically, he does have a good point, there are lots of them on the go. We even have two X-forces now! All New and Uncanny X-men have both been fantastic thus far, should Marvel just focus on them rather than dilute their product?

For that matter, Batman has a number of titles on the go just now and there are a good few GL titles so this isn’t just a Marvel phenomenon.

Should companies go for quality over quantity? Unfortunately it looks like you can’t have both :(

– Stu

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