Stuff and Things: It’s hip to be square

11752_531067576939503_1968518636_nWhat’s happenin folks!? Hope y’all enjoyed free comicbook day yesterday and got the comics you were after.

Huey Lewis and the News once taught us all that it was indeed “hip to be square” but a quick jaunt through town on a Saturday afternoon makes you realize this was no catchy song of the 80’s, Huey Lewis was a fucking prophet!

Head into any high street store nowadays and you can pick up pretty much any comicbook related merchandise as well as your designer labels (if yer that way inclined) or even hit the supermarket to find Marvel and DC apparel readily available.

While I think it’s pretty cool I can find things I like with far more ease (and often at a fraction of the prices I used to hafta pay) It does kinda grind ma gears that folk who are clearly (for lack of a better word) “Bellends” are wearing the same stuff as me now with none of the actual love of the product and more of the “fashionable geek” bullshit attachment that comes with it.

Movies, Video Games and Cool clothes aside, there’s a lot more mainstream acceptance for all things geeky nowadays which is awesome for wee kids at school because they’ll likely face less bullying for liking certain things but it bursts ma nut when I see total bams wearing Batman converse remembering how I used to get taunted for wearing converse AND liking Batman (Roon ye’s I was right all along so haha!).

The other thing that you can point the finger at for making “Geek culture” fashionable is the success of The Big Bang Theory.
While I personally enjoy the show It again bursts ma nut when folk unfamiliar with ACTUAL geek culture now assume you’re either a “Leonard” or a “Sheldon”.

Personally I blame hipsters for ruining everything, they latch onto a sub-culture till it becomes a meme then move onto the next craze like a swarm of human locusts sapping all joy out of anything they touch………….where was I again?

Anyway to round off, YES I do love that comics and games and stuff have become “cool” or whatever but every now and again I like to rant (it’s healthy to vent) and thought I’d put it to YOU dear readers and ask what you thing of the current boom in popularity our beloved comicbook scene has enjoyed over the last few years.

Like it? Loathe it? Comment below.

Till next week,


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