Mug of Duff – 7th May 2013 – Let’s Get it On!

247492_531718806874380_849498393_nWhen Injustice came out I had a chat with a few of my friends about there having been a 2D JLA fighter way back around the 80’s or 90’s era but nobody actually believed me. Bizarrely I found a copy of it the very next day in a retro gaming shop so I was proven right once again ;)

Now the thing is, I’ve been very vocal in my criticism of Injustice. Not because it was especially bad but rather because it’s so bloody mediocre. They had the opportunity to do something great with the license and instead produced a passable product which in my opinion seems to be relying too heavily on the popularity of the Arkham Asylum series.

Seriously, out of a 24 character roster there you have Batman, Nightwing, Bane, Joker, Harley Quinn and Catwoman. 25% of the character roster is made up of Bat characters. Which still wasn’t enough clearly since Batgirl is going to be in the DLC.

So my question for you this week is this: Do you think that videogame producers (and movie producers for that matter) rely too heavily on an automatic fanbase from the licenses they have purchased to make more of an effort into actually making the product any good?


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