Stuff and Things: 26th May ’13

983775_539555242757403_1543431212_nWhats up peeps!?

Hope y’all have been enjoying the sunshine and reading some comics in the great outdoors.

For years comics have influenced the most popular movies and tv shows but rarely do movies or TV shows make the same transition. Sometimes though, I read about a show/movie based on a comic I’ve never read being made and I feel compelled to check it out.

Recently I have been Reading back issues of Guardians of the Galaxy and before that I plowed through the collected TPB’s of Locke and Key (which were amazing) and I was wondering how many of you have discovered a new title you enjoy after hearing about it being made into a show or movie?

Short and sweet this week but Arrested Development is back on Netflix……..You should watch it.

Soundtrack this week = Arrested Development on Netflix.

The Author of this piece was:
Jamie_AvatarJamie Wilson aka (J)
Article: Stuff and Things
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1 Comment on Stuff and Things: 26th May ’13

  1. yes, the wacky world of the Bluths’ :D

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