Samii’s Thought of the Week: Comic-Con, Who’s been?

968828_540892369290357_113061796_nThe MCM London Comic Convention was at the weekend, and I can admit I am thoroughly jealous of everyone that managed to attend!

Comic Conventions look like heaven to me. Everyone that you’d be able to talk to all in the one place? Hell yeah!

I tried my hardest to go to London this year, but sadly I just couldn’t get there because of terrible planning and having far too much to do here, but I will one day! My friend however managed to make it down and said it was one of the best experiences of his life, but most of it was actually filled with anime which he was disappointed about.

I love anime as well so I wouldn’t be upset in the slightest, but you can see the annoyance when you go down to think you’ll be blown away with comic stalls and related things to be told that most of the convention is manga and anime stalls. But alas, he enjoyed himself so he can’t complain!

One of the main things I love to do is dress up, my wardrobe is half filled with costumes. I just find it exciting to go somewhere where people know who you are cosplaying, and then the happiness of them wanting a photo of you. You’ve spent months preparing an outfit, with blood sweat and tears, and then you realize it really was worth it in the end.

So my questions on this lovely sunny day would be;

is have any of you went to any Comic Conventions, what was it like?
Did you love it or hate it?
Was it exactly how you thought it would be, or just not at all?
Did you buy anything really really cool?

… And most importantly for me, who did you dress up as? Come on, don’t be shy, I wanna know!

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1 Comment on Samii’s Thought of the Week: Comic-Con, Who’s been?

  1. I left London when these madness started to show up… but I do agree I am envious to those who have attended these conventions as well.

    At least I was able to tour Coventry Garden and The Forbidden Planet for some stuff. Cheers Samii , all the best :)

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