New DC event – “Forever Evil” announced!

1370241151000-Forever-Evil-1-1306030236_3_4_r537_c0-0-534-712Forever Evil!

As part of DC’s Villians Month in September, a new seven-issue series/event entitled ‘Forever Evil’ will debut.

The series, by Geoff Johns and artist David Finch, will build on the events of upcoming Trinity War crossover, and will feature a who’s who of DC supervilians stepping up to take over the world.

As has already been hinted at, each of DC’s superhero books will change titles for one month only, although the exact details of the title switches have not been announced yet (think Justice League turning into ‘Darkseid #1’, for a rough estimate).

Also aside from the main title, three more five-issue books will launch in October covering different aspects of the universe-wide event;

Forever Evil: Rogues will deal with the Flash and his rogues gallery.

Forever Evil: Arkham War will deal with, unrusprisingly, Batman’s “baddies”.

And, Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. will deal with the shady government group.

So what do we think? Personally, I’m excited to see another mass event on the scale of Blackest Night or Flashpoint, but how do you guys see this playing out? Or are we all so anti-DC by now that we just don’t care anymore? ;)


2 Comments on New DC event – “Forever Evil” announced!

  1. Glad to hear it! Seems to be such an unending wave of negativity surrounding the New 52, so it’s great to hear some positivity. Plus, I’ll definitely agree that the two names pretty much make it a guaranteed buy for me.

  2. I am not anti-DC so I definitely care, especially with the names Johns and Finch attached! As for the title changes, well I don’t know about that part yet. Even though it’s for one month, I won’t rant and rave until DC release more info. As for October it will definitely be Forever Evil A.R.G.U.S.

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