The Superior Mug of Duff – Tuesday the 5th of June 2013

thCA2ORLM8Afternoon guys,

I’m a bit late to the party with this one but since I missed the first few issues of The Superior Spider-Man I haven’t been following the series in single issues but I decided to pick up the TPB last weekend to see what all the noise is about.

I’ve got to say, despite some of the admins being quite critical of the series I really quite enjoyed it. Now don’t get me wrong, I think the fundamental premise of Doc Ock taking possession of Peter’s body (I was going to say not in a sexy way but then there was that one scene where he replayed Peter’s memories of getting it on with MJ…) and just deciding to one up Peter by, well, being a better hero than he was is pretty flimsy.

However if you take that as the Status Quo then actually, so far he’s been demonstrating that Peter has been nowhere near his full potential. In fact, he’s making him look damn near lazy.

Plus for me, its the most interesting thing to happen to the character since the Other. I actually dropped the title around the time of Brand New Day because it got far too contrived and basically undid every scrap of character development built up over the preceding 10 years. I’ll also remind you that Peter sold his soul, *cough* marriage, to Mephisto during that story however much they might try to gloss over that with a deal with Dr Strange. At least here its a different guy acting like a douchebag.

So heres my question, given that the character is being taken in a new direction, being developed and given new tools and is quite obviously serving to set up a new status quo for when Peter gets his body back, why are so many people hating on this series?


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