Samii’s Thought of the Week: Wonder Woman in Injustice is a shambles.


Yes, I said it about my lovely lady, but it’s true, she’s a mess.

To have her in Injustice: Gods Among Us as a playable fighter in the story line was an amazing thought, I couldn’t help but jump for joy at the thought of me playing as her, but then I started reading the comics that were meant to get you excited for the game, and it all went downhill from there.

Number One: Wonder Woman waits around for no man.

Wonder Woman was the first female superhero, from a wonderous place where men couldn’t set foot and women were strong, proud, and beautiful. They would never under any circumstance let a man rule them. This is the Wonder Woman I love and hope for to be in every comic of hers I read.

In the Injustice comics, after everything that happens to Lois and Superman, Ares comes up to Wonder Woman and asks if she will “take her place and lie in his bed” and she replies with “I will be what he needs me to be.” This is completely out of character with anything and everything that Wonder Woman is. She doesn’t wander around like a lost puppy until Superman needs her, and to say that after such horrific events makes her looks like she is actually happy about Lois’ death so she can be with Superman. It’s ridiculous. I know, I know, it’s meant to be a different Diana, one that we feel unattached to, but even then I feel that she would never say anything like that, she’s an Amazonian, and she would still think like one. I don’t know, I just feel that it goes against everything that Wonder Woman stands for as a character.

Number Two: Her breasts, really?

I know that she is a curvy lady, but jesus have you seen the rack the game has given her? If it wasn’t that noticeable it would be fine, but in the later cut scenes she is wearing a dress that can only be described as two bit of cloth tied together over them with nothing to the imagination. I’m pretty sure that if she ever had boobs that huge I would’ve noticed, heck everyone would’ve! Even the jiggle mechanic is in place like it’s Dead or Alive.

Animators and designers need to chill it with the big boobies, no lady can function in real life never mind save a planet with those unless they have their own gravitational system to keep them down.

Now there is something I do like about her in the game and that’s her armor, it’s gorgeous! I really do love what they did with it.

I really did want to get this off my chest as it has been annoying me for quite a while, but as I was looking at my Wonder Woman statues it really did tip me over the edge.

Did anyone else find this frustrating or was that just me? Let me know!

Enjoy your week guys and girls! :)

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1 Comment on Samii’s Thought of the Week: Wonder Woman in Injustice is a shambles.

  1. I find the whole Wonder Woman-Superman romance thing ridiculous and insulting. It’s like the writers felt compelled to do it because to pair Diana with a male who was not her physical equal or to explore her less-than-heterosexual origins was too terrifying.

    As for breasts, it doesn’t bother me so much. Batman’s appearance is also very unrealistic. Have you Googled the Batman’s work-out? He has a huge training load, much of which is tactical combat training, and you would also assume that he has immense plyometric and gymnastic ability, and yet he looks like a body-builder. (Ask a body-builder to jump over a plyo-box and you’ll see why these facts are incompatible…) But comics are all about fantasy. Like Diana’s strapless top that never malfunctions :)

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