Greg’s Thursday Top 5: Useless Powers

Greg’s Casting Couch is dead, From the ashes has risen a new weekly segment. Greg’s Thursday Top 5 will give you a week list on a chosen subject, This week… Useless powers!

55. Here is Goldstar!

… his power, Niceness!

He has the power to be nice and make other people nice, I think this was made as a joke and then no one backed down.

44. Black Bolt

Yeah just a whisper from him could destroy the world and that’s awesome.

But what if he stands on an upside down plug?, he literally can’t say anything without sever consequences.

33. Razorback

Now aside from the suit he has a superpower…….He can drive any vehicle, yes you read that right that is his superpower.

John Travolta can drive any vehicle and we don’t call him “Super” (well except for the dance moves).

22. Doorman

He can turn himself into a door to the next room, I mean its handy but rather useless.

11. Colour Kid

So this kid does exactly what it says on the tin, he can change the colour of any object to a different colour  if you can think of any use this power could actually make to solve crime or to cause crime we beg of you to say.

The Author of this piece was:
Greg_AvatarGreg Watt
Article: Casting Couch
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