Thursday Throwdown – Hawkeye vs Green Arrow


Last week we threw Wolverine into the cage against Batman and by a close margin (One vote was in it) Wolverine managed to deal a deadly blow to Bruce Wayne after an exhausting and long drawn out battle.

This week in the BCP Cage of Doom we see the marksmen of the MU and DCU square off one on one in a battle to the finish!

Both men have been kitted out with their standard bow and 5 regular arrows each but at close range will they even come into play?

Let the battle begin in the comments!

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6 Comments on Thursday Throwdown – Hawkeye vs Green Arrow

  1. When I threw this together I knew my bias leaned towards hawkguy. Glad others agree Clint is the dirtier fighter and better marksman.

  2. There was a comic called ‘JLA/Avengers’ in which the two big superhero teams meet. There was one moment where Clint Barton made an impossible shot that Oliver Green could not manage, and Hawkeye even became a member of the Justice League by the end of it all.
    It might be an alternate universe from the other comics that were released at the time, but it’s still canon as both Marvel and DC worked in the comic and they consider it canon themselves.
    And on top of that Clint has shown he can hold his own without the use of his bow and arrows, using traditional guns, playing cards, and even his own fingernails to great effect in one continuity or another.
    So yeah, my money’s on Hawkeye.

  3. Hawkeye, because he never misses, isn’t afraid to fight dirty, and if GA and he manage to block each other’s arrows (likely) he’d kick Ollie’s tail at hand to hand.

  4. Okay, I’ll break the ice. Green Arrow, mostly cause I never really cared for Hawkeye much.

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