GK’s Where Are They Now?: Bibbo Bibowski

So I’m back, Took a break from writing a piece partly due to other commitments and partly due to running out of ideas for writing stuff regularly. Later ‘Under The Influences’  were clearly lacking any point, At times sitting on interesting bits of comics news to throw an opinion on is great it means you don’t have to struggle for an idea but also means you lack the opportunity to throw up that news and get chattering going. So looking to spruce up what I post, Under The Influence is no more… Well on the weekly basis at least.

But starting this week and every week I will plan on tracking down those characters who have faded from comic readers view.


week 1: Bibbo Biboski, Supermans other Pal.

Who were they?: It’s safe to say many of you will know Bibbo, He played a prominent part in Superman titles during The Death of Superman saga. Bibbo was a rough but affable sailor who came to respect Superman and eventually emulate him. After the Death of Superman Bibbo took to fighting what he seen as injustices all whilst wearing a Superman Jumper and Boxing Shorts over his trousers this went even further when he took in a stray dog and named him Krypto. In many ways he became as important a recurring character in Superman titles he was like Superman’s other pal and along with other characters of the time such as Maggie Sawyer  and Dan Turpin even crossed over to the Superman Animated Series which was needless to say big at the time.

What have they done recently?: Very little, By my estimate the last time Bibbo was in a comic was before the reboot, Last seen in a very brief appearance when Mon-El temporarily replaced Superman as Metropolis’s main hero in issue 686 when Superman titles were New Krypton heavy. But even then it was a passing appearance, That was around three years ago so perhaps he has been overlooked due to the New 52 reshuffle after that time or perhaps he exists in the existential void where Wally West and others reside for other reasons.

What can we expect next?: Who can say, even before the New 52 reboot Bibbo was rarely used. However with recently announced re-introductions to Superman titles in the New 52 including Doomsday and Cyborg who were very much of the same time, It isn’t unforeseeable to imagine Bibbo being reintroduced. Hopefully we will see him throw drunks out of the Ace O’ Clubs sometime soon.

Feel free to give suggestions for the next character or to drop your thoughts on Bibbo.

The writer of this piece was: GARYavGary Kane aka (GK)
Article: Under The Influence
GK tweets from @Kanoclassic

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