After Ultron?

ULTAge of Ultron ended this week and feedback from many has thusfar ranged from tepid to even  that of disappointment. So let’s go over what happened (yes Spoilers ahead) and the implications it has for the Marvel Universe.

ANG ADDSo what happened in Age of Ultron #10?

It had been set up in issue nine that indeed Hank Pym would alter Ultron, This allowed them to nicely and conveniently tie up a series that took ten issues. No epic battles just techno mcguffin and there in lies the problem. After 9 issues of build up, Even when it veered off into Logan and Sues magical mystery butterfly effect tour people expected the titular character to make a HUGE impact in this as it turned out was not the case. As had been HEAVILY promoted in Marvel’s marketing for the issue Wolverine did indeed find there were repercussions to his actions as had been alluded to and yet it is all so familiar.

As has been a staple of DC the Multiverse is sensitive to tinkering especially time travel and this is what we are presented with. A change to the fabric of each universe that has allowed characters from other universes to pass inbetween. We have seen this countless of times even the panels where we are shown the universes are changing somehow are scarily similar to other continuity shifting events such as Flashpoint.

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Marvel continuity or at least the illusion of Marvel continuity is no longer so static. This is not a bad thing and could be seen as an interesting aspect of a otherwise flavorless ending but it sets a dangerous precedent. If the objective of the whole event was just to bring in Angela into the Marvel Universe and to send Galactus on a little adventure into the Ultimate universe it seems needless. After all last years Spider-men crossover as well as the recent introduction of the New Universe character Star Brand in Avengers proved it can be done without any profound reasons.

So you would assume then that Marvel indeed intend to go down the Multiversal headache Crisis on Infinite Earths route and use it as a plot device for the time being to explain major changes.

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