Who are Justice League 3000?

CBR realeased images from a new Justice League series, Featuring shades of Grant Morrison’s DC One Million series from the 90’s, Justice League 3000 will depict a future iteration of the team. Now the reason why they chose 3000 is interesting, No this wont feature Zoidberg but fans the world over know this is the time setting of the Legion of Superheroes.

What’s more interesting is that this project is being brought to you by Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire who were previously the driving force behind the Justice League International era of Justice League books in the late 80’s/Early 90’s. A very well regarded era of Justice League books due to the heaps of humor injected into them. The ongoing series is set to debut this fall.

But the question is who are these characters?

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Candidates: Mon El, Kell El (Superman X)

Mon El would be a wildcard here as he has previously been depicted within the New 52, That being said he is known to exist in the year 3000 and has in the past substituted Superman as well as having Daxamites shared genetic traits with Kryptonians.
Equally a wildcard is the Legion of Superheroes TV series’s Kell El who was a clone of the original Last Son of Krypton, And it has to be said shares some similarities to the character depicted. Could Kell El be brought into canon?


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Candidate: Terry McGinnis

This is a major longshot as again this would involve  incorporating a cartoon series character into canon. It would also involve majorly altering Terry’s story to fit the timeline… But not impossible, Additionally the addition of red into the costume could be a clue or is it a red herring? (Pun intended).




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Wonder Woman

Candidate: Wonder Woman

This seems out of all the characters the one who is most likely to be ageless, After all she was concieved in ancient Greece so what is another millenium?





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Candidate: Wally West

A Flash, Red haired, time travel… Seems like an obvious choice. Fans have been begging for Wally to return plus Flash and timetravel plot devices go hand in hand. Not to mention the addition of such a fan favorite could give the book some added gravitas needed to hook fans in and keep the title going.

Will this be how they reintroduce him?




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Green Lantern

Candidate: Sodam Yat

There have been dozens of stories that have tied Sodam Yat to the timeline of LOS as the last Green Lantern.
Following on from that it seems fairly obvious this would be a reinterpretation of that in the new 52.

However this would make it seem highly unlikely the Superman pictured is Mon El, Sodam Yat is of course also a Daxamite which would spoil the broth somewhat.

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