William Fichtner is Shredder!

1002239_551791221533805_196677652_nIn an interview with the Huffington Post Canada, Fichtner finally confirmed his role in the upcoming TMNT reboot.

When asked who he’d be playing, he replied ” I play Shredder. It is cool. It’s one of those things that came along where I thought, “Really? Let me think about this for a minute.” [Laughs] Then I was like, “Yeah, OK, this sounds like a journey.” I’m very glad that it worked out, I’m really glad that I’m doing it.”So what do we think of this latest bit of casting news?

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2 Comments on William Fichtner is Shredder!

  1. the shredder is supposed to be japanese, and his name oroku saki

    • It does seem more than a little random. Fichtner’s a great actor, but even he’s going to struggle to play a Japanese Warlord ;) I guess this is Bay’s new ‘take’ on Saki. *sigh* (Ceej)

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