The Standard issue 3 debuts in July worldwide

TheStandard03_00fcp31Friend of the site John Lees latest offering in the Standard series will hit shelves next month.

Previously John spoke to us on the podcast about among other things him writing The Standard, He was also recently announced as a nominee for this years Scottish Independant Comic Book Alliance award for best writer and alongside Iain Laurie for best comic for ‘And Then Emily Was Gone’. We hope to have him back soon to discuss issue 3 and also And Then Emily Was Gone.

Here is the announcement from The Standard Website:

Things have been quiet on here for a wee bit, as Standard HQ has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on The Standard #4.  But I’m emerging from the bunker with some news.  Readers in Glasgow and on the convention circuit have been able to get their hands on The Standard #3  since last summer, but the Diamond worldwide releases have now caught up to those earlier print run.  So now, The Standard #3 is currently scheduled to hit selected comic shops worldwide on July 10th!

Did you request for your local comic shop to order in a copy?  If you didn’t, you can still get them to reorder it with the order code APR130994.  But hurry: both issues #1 and #2 sold out at distributor level, so if you don’t want to miss out get your orders in pronto!  If you enjoyed the first two issues and are keen to come back for this instalment, I thank you for your patience.  Hopefully you’ll find this issue to be the best yet.  Until issue #4, that is!  Here’s a look at the cover and the solicit for the issue:


WRITER: John Lees

ARTIST: Jonathan Rector

COLORISTS: Mike Gagnon

LETTERER: Kel Nuttall

EDITOR: Steven Forbes



PRICE: $3.99

RATING: Teen + Up

FORMAT: Single issue, 28 pages, color (3 of 6 miniseries)

The children of Sky City are going missing, and Gilbert Graham has come out of retirement to find them. His search takes him into the city’s sewers, where a terrifying threat awaits. Is this old-fashioned superhero prepared to face the darker villains of the modern age?

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