Mug of Duff – Tuesday the 25th of June – Fresh out of ‘Ideas’

1016154_553004841412443_1441572060_n***AOU SPOILER WARNING***

Afternoon everyone,

I’m assuming that more or less everyone will have caught up with Age of Ultron by now so I’m probably not alone in wondering just what the hell happened.

In 2005 or so Quesada was asked if the Ultimate Universe and he replied that he’d rather close down one universe than have them cross over because it meant they were officially out of ideas.

So yes, with the upcoming 616 Galactus crossing over into the Ultimate Universe [HUNGER mini-series] we can only assume that this marks this second time that the house of ideas has officially ran out of ideas. Age of Ultron wasn’t a comic event, it was cheap and lazy way to introduce a series of otherwise inexplicable changes without having to go full DC and reset the entire universe. I usually love Bendis but not only is that the worst story of his I have ever read, its probably one of the worst stories overall. Other than setting up several changes outside of the book, nothing happened. All the major events referenced were just that, references! We didn’t actually see the main conflicts. Even the finale was over in a few panels.

So its got me thinking, if the House of ideas really has ran out… what should they be looking at for inspiration? What are some of the most fresh and original books out there right now?

Polarity is a nice example of a superhero book doing something a bit different with the concept and delivering a fantastic edgy read with just the right amount of dark humour to keep what could otherwise have been a rather sombre and disturbing theme entertaining.

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