Greg’s Thursday Top 5 Tennis Playing Superheroes

TOP5So I’m a bit of a tennis fan it has to be said, and I’ve been enjoying this lovely rollercoaster of a week that has been Wimbledon. But as I watched, it got me thinking… “What superheroes would be best at Tennis?”

So here’s what I came up with…

5. Hulk

The Power player, can smash a big serve but cant keep a rally going.


4. Hawkeye (we have a fetish with him here)

Precision, he can place that ball on the court where he wants it and make the opponent work for the points (very much like Andy Murray).

3. Catwoman

Reflexes, very important, along wit her graceful movements she would kill on a court against the Williams Brothers.


2. The Flash

Well he could play with himself (quiet at the back, no sniggering), he can cover the whole court and would be unstoppable in a good rally.

1. Nightcrawler

The man that brings it all together, he has got the speed, he’s got the reflexes, he’s got the precision. Time to trade in the sword for a racket and make some money on the court, Kurt.


The Author of this piece was:
Greg_AvatarGreg Watt
Article: Casting Couch
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