Punk Rock Jesus artwork by Sean Murphy

Punk Rock Jesus artwork by Sean Murphy

Hey Kids! Recently, I’ve been thinking more and more about the links between comics and music. Both are very expressive art forms in their own rights, with some very notable crossovers.

Music has always had a very important place in my life, from learning how to play guitar and being in bands at a very early age, to adoring finding that new band that i just can’t stop listening to. Music has always been there for me, and for the more recent times in my life, so have Comic Books.

It does seem to be the case that whether it’s similar writing styles, or that many musicians grew up as “one of us” but there does seem to be a distinct link between music and Comics. From Corey Taylor, Gerard Way, Scott Ian and Claudio Sanchez (all very accomplished Musicians in their own write, no matter what your opinion of the music they help create) now writing Comics, to Matt Fraction and David Aja posting playlists of what to listen to when reading Hawkeye (I believe it was also done by Dan Slott for an issue of ASM) the two always go hand in hand.

The playlists idea is an interesting one, and something we have toyed with on the page, by giving you, the reader, a “what we’re listening to” at the bottom of some of our articles. Having now listened to the Hawkguy playlist as well as reading, it does add another depth to the book. The music adds an expression to the writing that a page just simply cannot do, and i can’t recommend doing it enough.

My Question to you, my talking point if you will is this; where do you fit in with all this? are you a musician? do you have certain music you listen to when you read? is there a certain band/comic combo that you think we should know about? and finally, if you are the creative type, what do you listen to when you are writing (if anything!), do you find it easier to have music with no words, or do you prefer to have something on that is such a cacophony of noise that you can focus on the task at hand?

My what i’m listening to this week, simply put, is the Hawkguy playlists, it’s not something i would normally listen to, but i find myself having to go back to it. So give it a listen and use it as the perfect opportunity to re-read a modern classic, by two very talented gentlemen

Love and Bullets,

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Chris_AvatarChris Bennet
Article: I Hate It Here
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