Now Trending: Week 8

NOWTREvery weekend we will highlight articles that got the most views on the site. Trending this week on the is…

  1. BCP Interview with Steve Stark (Director and Animator of Jay and Silent Bobs Super Groovy Cartoon Movie)
  2. GK’s Where are they now?: Nubia, Wonder Woman’s black twin sister
  3. William Fichtner is Shredder!
  4. The greatest onscreen Superman poll has ended and the winner is…
  5. BCP Review – The Amateur Astronomer’s Journal
  6. Sarah Gadon cast in Amazing Spider-man 2
  7. Complete list of DC ‘Villains Month’ titles
  8. Ceej Says… The Good, The Bad and The Pretty(s) (29th June 2013)
  9. This week’s comic book releases – 26th June 2013
  10. Stuff and Things: Deadpool Movie

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