Stuff and Things: Let’s talk Kick Ass 2 for a minute here

As another weekend comes closer to a close it’s that time again for me to bring a little more sunshine into your lives with my weekly installment of stuff and things.

Jim Carrey 623Let’s get the rant done with first before moving onto this weeks good shit. Jim Carrey recently spoke of his “change of heart” regarding the levels of violence in Kick Ass 2 and that he wished to not be a part of it’s promotion. While I think it’s cool for everyone to have an opinion (even one I disagree with) I can’t help but thinking “Oh go and take a f–k to yourself!” whenever I see people criticizing violence in entertainment. You see worse violence on the news at breakfast than you do in most movies and there’s a reason we have ratings systems. IT’S SO F–KING KIDS CAN’T SEE SHIT THEY AREN’T MENTALLY DEVELOPED ENOUGH TO PROCESS. If you don’t want kids to see violent films/comics or play violent games DON’T FUCKING BUY THEM FOR YOUR KIDS!!
It really it’s all down to common sense. I grew up watching violent cartoons, movies and pro wrestling and I turned out fine because my parents taught me it was all just ‘pretend’. Violent entertainment is never the problem, poorly structured parenting is.

Now to lighten the mood a bit. We here at BCP now have A LOT of stuff in the works that we will be bringing to y’all in the near future AND as a result we are increasing our output. Starting next week I will be bringing you “I suck at this. Reviews by J.” where I will be attempting to string together cohesive sentences to describe stuff I’ll be reviewing. Stay tuned to for more info on my new review segment as well as other events and interviews in the works.

DEADPOOL the videogame came out (I’ll be reviewing it for my new piece I mentioned) and it didn’t suck, HOORAY. It’s actually pretty damn good so far and I should have it completed by the time I review it to give you my opinion on the game but if you have a spare £32 and are bored buy it now.

Finally this week I finally got around to starting Mark Waids current Daredevil run and I am kicking myself for not picking it up sooner. Similarly to what Matt Fraction did with Hawkeye and Iron Fist. Waid has made me actually enjoy reading about someone I had previously written off as a bit of a supporting act.

That’s it for this weeks dose of nonsense. Now go buy in some Mexican food, pick up Deadpool and enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

This weeks Playlist.

  • Darkest Hour – Pay Phones And Pills.
  • Unearth – Endless
  • Pantera – 5 Minutes Alone.
  • Thy Art Is Murder – Reign Of Darkness
  • A Day To Remember – The Downfall Of Us All.

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Jamie_AvatarJamie Wilson aka (J)
Article: Stuff and Things
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