GK’s Where Are They Now?: Gideon, Debuts Same Time as Deadpool and Fades Soon After

GideonIn this weeks Where are they now? I’m going Marvel baby, The past 2 weeks DC was under the spotlight and to an extent they were easy to find forgotten characters. Marvel on the other hand has writers who appear to constantly bring back the lesser known characters for current storylines I mean look at Hickmans current Avengers run in which they digged up Star Brand and Nightmask from the universally lambasted New Universe titles, Not an easy task to find a faded star in their stable.
But then I thought… you know who the kids on the street love?, Deadpool!
The guy is huge as I am sure many of you know this with game controller in your hand playing the new Deadpool Game and do you know who the kids on the street have never heard of? presumably Gideon.

new_mutants_vol_1_98Week 3: Gideon, Debuts same time as Deadpool and fades soon after

Who were they?: Gideon was another product of Rob Liefeld’s fevered imagination alongside writer Fabian Nicieza , Debuting at the very same time as Deadpool (and Domino) in issue 98 of New Mutants. Where as Deadpool ascended to greatness and popularity, Gideon well he never. Which is in all likelihood due to the terrible look he has, I mean I’m not going to approach the whole armor and metal arms cliche because that’s a given with Liefeld and  poked fun of regularly by others. No what am referring to is of course the bald head with flowing green (occasionally white) ponytail which I am sure is inspired by the east but NEVER seen anyone sport EVER plus he had a powerset that was ‘extreme‘, ‘rad‘ and ‘to the max‘ 90’s style in that he could acquire anyone humans, robots or mutants powers by being around them so essentially he has ALL the powers and yet still it seems no one really cared.

But there is little connection between Deadpool and Gideon, the two of them just happened to debut in the same issue and were parts of separate plot strands. Deadpool had been tasked by Mr.Tolliver (Who was actually Cables own son, Tyler… Long story perhaps for another time) with taking him out. On the other hand Gideon was introduced as being a wealthy industrialist dispatching robots within his vast industrial complex. The issue ends with it being revealed Gideon, has dealings with Roberto ‘Sunspot’ da Casta’s wealthy family.

What have they done recently?:  Well very little as the character never made it out of the 90’s, He was killed off during Jeff Loebs run on X-Force. In spite of being a part of the whole Externals group of mutants which was a group of supposedly immortal mutants as it had been expanded upon since his debut. This made the whole story line all the more irrelevant when mostwere killed off, Gideon himself fell at the hands of Selene.

What can we expect next?: Very little I would imagine since he is dead and even for ‘comic book death‘ it would seem unlikely Marvel would rush to bring him back. I mean X-Force, Cable and Deadpool are as in vogue as ever so the ship has well and truly sailed on this one, His fate is best left to the 90’s when angst and poor dress sense were all the rage. In short it appears “He’s dead Jim“, But he ‘could’ be exhumed since Gideon was so interlinked to Sunspots back story and with Sunspot now being in the Avengers main title, If Jonathan Hickman plans on fleshing out his team members there aren’t too many Sunspot villains that aren’t just general X-Men villains to bring in to achieve that. Though yet again I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for this after all looking for points to reintroduce Gideon, Marvel could have easily have done so during Necrosha when dead mutants were being brought back from the dead and the plot revolved heavily around Selene as in the same Selene who killed him. So looks as though for now that Gideon’s legion of fans (sniggers… Yeah right!) will just have to move on.

So that is about it for this week, Tune in next week to see who is put under the microscope or as always feel free to make a suggestion on any character you feel should be featured.

The writer of this piece was: GARYavGary Kane aka (GK)
Article: Where are They Now (Prev: Under The Influence)
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