A look at ‘Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht: If You Want Blood’

VVRecently we were in contact with artist and writer Alex Ronald who politely gave us a sample of his title ‘Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht’.

Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht was drawn by Alex Ronald and co-written with The Emperor and is printed under the Bump and Grind label.

The rough plot of the book is that Vampire women Nazi’s who have defected to the UK during the war and work for the government being dispatched on covert operations work with a supernatural twist.

The book plays out much in the style of an 70’s exploitation movie World War II setting, casual nudity and even sets this out in the title Vampire Vixens which could easily sit along side a Russ Meyer movie title. That is it easiest summed up as I had other comparisons I would have liked to have made but the within the forward provided by Mark Millar the same comparisons had been highlighted. It has the ‘spirit of blighty’ you find in Commando comics to the ‘Inglorious Basterds’ sideways view of showing the war.

I did however think that it also had shades of Hellboy as it draws on the zanier supernaturally inclined myths and legends of the war such as the secretive Thule Society or Aleister Crowley offering the government his services.

Hitler as a child, A good example of the humorous style of the comic.

Hitler as a child, A good example of the humorous style of the comic.

The book isn’t for the faint hearted as it has strong violence and nudity but they aren’t inserted for the sake of cheap shocks, Instead they are employed to match the exploitation movie feel and as the writer/s and artist have a facetious style both in the writing and visually.

The Vixen in the book is partnered and contrasted perfectly with the puritanical Chaplain, The Chaplain at all points voices his distrust in her and uses a lot of the old timey speak which is a lot of why this book play out like an x-rated commando strip.

The artwork comes across like a series of photographs it is that realistic, The look of the blood glisten or even the sheen on the leather the vixen is wearing looks as you would expect if you were to actually see it and seeing historical characters as you picture them in your head. I should say I am unfamiliar with Alex’s previous work but he clearly has a distinct style.

VVsThe book is also set up nicely for more helpings, We only ever see one Vampire Vixen in this issue as opposed to Vixens of the title and even sprinkled throughout the book’s cover.

So if you like comics that are both pitch black funny and with pints of gore dripping from it then this is your book, Which will be launched at this years Glasgow Comic Con (variant covers too) pick it up while you can or visit the official Facebook page for details on how to get yourself a copy.

The writer of this piece was:
GARYavGary Kane aka (GK)
Article: Where are they now? (Prev: Under The Influence)
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