I HATE IT HERE! – Big Boy Edition

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So we received some bad news here at BCP this week, The Dandy is no more. Personally this hurt, The Dandy was one of the books that got me the bug and was a massive part in me growing up, along with The Beano, Sonic the Hedgehog, and a Spider-man reprint.

This got me thinking, though. It’s not as if The Dandy didn’t go with the times. They were constantly evolving to cater to a young audience, be it by reinventing characters, getting in fresh new artists to work on the book, and introducing new features to attract the attention of young ‘uns. So what happened?

Also, the main conversation I want to have today is… what got you started? Were you a young reader like myself? Was it the recent surge of Feature Films that pulled you in? Tell us your stories!

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