Glasgow Comic Con Spotlight – Forbidden Planet (Vendor)

168 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 2LW

168 Buchanan Street
G1 2LW

With Glasgow Comic Con set to hit the CCA this weekend, those in attendance will be treated to no less than 50 tables of goodness from comic book dealers, exhibitors, toy sellers, small press, indie comic publishers and creators. And a fair few of those tables are going to be occupied by some of the many and varied comic shops you can find dotted around Glasgow.

So every day between now and Friday, we’re going to give a cheap plug by highlighting one of these comic shops, and hopefully giving you guys an opportunity to gush about them a little.

And today’s shop is perhaps the best known to ‘casual’ comic fans – Forbidden Planet.

Situated slap-bang in the city centre on Buchanan Street, FP Glasgow has pretty much anything a comic book fan could need, from current single issues to an extensive and dizzying back catalogue of trades and hardcovers. They also have more than their fair share of comic related toys, games, t-shirts and other assorted goodness. Well worth a look, and also well worth checking out if you’re attending this weekend’s ‘Con.

Check ’em out on FB here.

And keep your eyes open for another comic shop highlight tomorrow!

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