Mug of Duff – 09 July 2013 – (Decepti)CON Fever!

kapow_comic_conAfternoon guys.

As you might have noticed, convention week is upon us and your admin team are very excited about the various shenanigans going on. Unfortunately, I am currently working in deepest, darkest Cumbria and can’t actually make it along to any of the events, gutted.
So I’ve been languishing in memories of past conventions and wondered what the single coolest thing I’ve seen has been and you know, it’s got to have been Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch at Kapow, 2012.

The pair were doing a (free) signing but the event organisers seemed to vastly underestimate how popular this would be and they failed to stop people from queuing that would never be able to get seen in the time Jonathan had allotted before he was due to attend a panel.

What was cool about that? Jonathan and Bryan saw what happened, realised the organisers had cocked up and outright refused to move until every last person had been seen – they even continued to take photos with anyone who asked!

So let me ask: what are you most looking forward to from the upcoming cons and what has been the coolest thing you’ve witnessed at one so far?



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