Bad Sun Review By Greg Watt

badsun1coverI’ve lived in Glasgow my whole life, was born here and raised a proud Glaswegian. So when I first met John Lees and Chris Connelly a few months ago and they told me they where working on a Sci-Fi comic based in a futuristic Glasgow I was rather excited about reading what they came up with. Then last week I got to see first hand some of Chris’s art work and chat to the boys about it in on the podcast.

Tuesday night at Geek Retreat John and Chris released the comic for us lucky people to finally see, and I have to say I’m not too disappointed.

First the story, So set in Glasgow 70 years in the future, an Alien race has seemed refuge on earth due to exhausting all the natural resources of their home planet. The main Protagonist is Lennii a burly 7ft Alien who’s the first of his race in Glasgow to achieve the rank of DCI and is placed in charge of the new Extra Terrestrial Division. The book has a lot of themes about equality and not judging people for who they are or what they look like. John Lees is a SICBA award winning writer for his “The Standard” and nominated again for this year for “And Emily Was Gone”. Now I will start by saying this, I liked this book a lot, but I do think there are some parts of the story that could have been better executed. Some of the dialogue is very unnatural especially a two specific parts of the story but other than that the use of very accurate ‘Wedgie Slang’ is outstanding and you can feel that the book is leading to be a very powerful story

The art is fantastic, Chris Connelly was a SICBA runner up last year for his “Reality Wars” and has done a hell of a job on this. More than a few panels blew me away. His design of the Aliens is outstanding, Lennii is based on Lenny from Of Mice and Men, and the second you see him you can see the emotion across his face and the power of these creatures. I loved the use of Glasgow landmarks to help tell the story too, it made the whole book cement the fact that we’re living in times where people aren’t being treated equally and judged for being different

so all in all 8/10 for me, worth the read.

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  1. Never easy reviewing the work of someone you know…good fair job! Usually wait until I’ve read the book before going anywhere near things like this. Will pick up a copy next week and check it out.

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