‘And Then Emily Was Gone’ Review

EmilyFrontCover-212x320Where to start with this? The book has been nominated for all 4 categories at the SICBA Awards, comes from team of Iain Laurie, Colin Bell, and previous SICBA awardee John Lees. You may say this book has high expectations set for it before you even pick it up, and you’d be right, but my god does it meet them.

Straight off the bat, Iain’s cover hits you with a fantastic use of negative space, giving an ominous portrayal of what may lurk inside. According to John, this has been Iains tamest work to date, but personally I find it just as intimidating. With characters creatures having a lank garishness that Iain himself has said has a hint of a Vic Reeves character about it and an attention to detail that borders on creepy to say the least (DIY Hard, anyone). The art is a perfect companion to Johns writing, but in it’s own right, tells the story fantastically, with a style that instantly draws you in and almost willing you to turn the page just to see what could possibly be next.

The writing of John Lees only seems to get better as he genre hops once again. Previously having, and still writing a “capes and cowls book” called The Standard, and a newly released Sci-Fi Cop Drama Bad Sun with artist Chris Connelly, he takes to writing a horror book like a dead body to a fresh grave. With a talent for pacing that makes you begging for more, and a way of instantly making the lead character both likable and disgusting at the same time, It’s easy to see why John is up for retaining his title.

A bit about the book; the story appears to be a murder mystery set in Scotland, where a young girls friend has gone missing after seeing the dreaded “Bonnie Shaw” and she enlists the help of a once famous Policeman to help find her.

I absolutely loathe the phrase ‘page turner’ but that’s exactly what this is, it’s over far too soon, and I’m sure anyone who picks the book up will be with me when I say that issue two can’t come fast enough.

Remember, Bonnie Shaw is watching.

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  1. Looking forward to reading this…got a feeling I may have trouble with the art work – we’ll see :-)

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