Glasgow Comic Con Spotlight – Plan B Books (Vendor)

55 Parnie Street Glasgow G1 5LU

55 Parnie Street
G1 5LU

In our next (and possibly final, depending on how tomorrow goes) showcase of Glasgow comic shops who’ll be in attendance at this weekends’ Glasgow Comic con, today it’s the turn of Glasgow’s premier Graphic Novel Coffee Shop, Plan B Books.

With an extremely strong presence in the comic book community, Plan B offers an entirely different ‘vibe’ to the other shops in the area, providing an incredibly diverse selection of books, a wide array of guest appearances (Mark Miller and Kieron Gillen, to name but two) and a fine cup of coffee to boot.  Also, they’re situated on the same street as, so there’s no excuse to pop into both should you happen be in the area.

You can find them on Facebook, or check out the latest updates on their website .  And, as with all our other featured vendors, you would do well to give them a look if you’re planning on being in attendance this weekend.

Fingers crossed we’ll be able to squeeze one more spotlight in tomorrow before the Con itself, but if that doesn’t happen, we’ll see you all there! (or those of you who are lucky to have grabbed tickets, anyway)

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