Samii’s Thought of the Week: Go to All the Things!

A selection of the events in this years geek calender.

A selection of the events in this years geek calendar.

So with it being Comic Con week here in sunny ol’ Glasgow, I thought I would get everyones brains working again from being out in the sun too long and ask a few questions to ya’ll.

I’ve been thinking about all the events that do actually take place for Comic fans locally and there are actually many more than you believe. With Glasgow Comic Con and MCM Comic Convention, to Collectormania, then onto all the Comic Marts and quizzes dotted about the place and the Kapow! strand at the Glasgow Film Festival you really do get a lot of variety and choice to what you can go to. To put it brief: it’s awesome!

But I was thinking, which is usually a bad thing, how many of these do people go to? What will you lovely people be going to this year, will you be going to everything or just a few comic marts?

I was also wondering; What would be your all time best event to go to? Made up or real! I would love a Mart but it would be specifically for Cosplay and Costume accessories, that thing would save my life in times of crisis with costumes! It would take place about two weeks before a Con and would be perfect for last minute bits and bobs.

I’m going to make this a short post for you all to enjoy the sun without my ramblings, so have a lovely day! 

Don’t forget to come along to the ‘Proper old School: Jumble Sale‘ on August 18th in Nice N Sleazy that we are putting on, along with the regular book group with a twist at the end of the month.

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