BCP Birthday – Topher Grace (35)

venom-topher-graceIt’s time for another BCP Birthday, and today it’s the turn of Eddie Brock himself, Topher Grace (35).

One of the many, many casualties of Spiderman 3, Grace’s portrayal of Brock/Venom was underwritten to the point of almost insignificance, mostly due to Sam Raimi not wanting him in the film in the first place.  And while he may not necessarily be the best guy for the role, I can’t be the only one who feels there’s definitely a huge amount of potential in a Venom-based Spiderman-movie.

I don’t really have a question here, but feel free to weigh in on how you feel Venom was (mis)used, how he should have been used, and any other symbiote-based opinions you may have.


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