Screencrapped: X-Force Movie?, Coulson on Set, 300 Poster and Edgar Wright on Ant Man

We here have had a busy week thus far what with keeping up with reviews and planning our con visits and the like. Meanwhile Lot’s of movie related tidbits and images have seeped through the interwebs in the past few days, So to avoid missing out. Us lovely folks have compiled the skinny on them right here.


The biggest piece of comic book movie news this week has to be the rumor that X-Force will follow Days of Future Past. According to Bleeding Cool  this is based on the fact the domain name was registered to 20th Cenury Fox. Rumors of an X-Force movie were later corroborated somewhat by Rob Liefeld who tweeted…


May speculation on this X-Force’s Lineup begin!

Agents of SHIELD

There was a picture of Joss Whedon  with Clark Gregg printed in Entertainment Weekly looking very hands on.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

300: Rise of an Empire

Warner Bros released a teaser (so many teaser prefixes these days) poster for the showing of the 300 sequel ahead of the showing at this years SDCC.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Ant Man

And finally whilst promoting Worlds End with Digital Spy, Edgar Wright dropped some info on the eagerly anticipated upcoming 2015 movie Ant-Man, In particular that the script is now complete which certaainly makes it look as though this long gestating movie will get some traction soon.

Click to view Interview

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