Screencrapped: X-Men rumors: an overview, SDCC Shield Poster, Another 300 poster and a very Strange casting rumor

Yet again in the past few days since we last threw together one of these there has been an explosion of comic book movie news, But that is to be expected due to SDCC being just days away so expect much of the same for the next week or so.


Hollywood Reporter broke the news that the Previously Fox had been playing coy over what their slot at SDCC this years would be made up of as it was before not announced. This is now going to be comprised of a Panel for The Wolverine and the upcoming Planet of the Apes sequel with a third surprise Panel.

This was followed by much speculation that this panel will be the announcement of a new Predator movie, However this is seemingly at odds with recent rumors that the panel will be for Days of Future Past with the announcement that Peter Dinklage is Boliver Trask (But is that even a secret anymore?) and that the role going to Josh Helman is that of a younger William Striker with this being the third time anyone has played him.

Adding on to this is further rumors from Vulture, That Wolverine is in fact the time traveler of the film, which makes sense as he had been before seen with 70’s Beast wearing his X-Men Origins jacket in stills from the movie.

So all in all a huge day for X-Men rumors, Needless to say not dampened any by Bryan Singer taking to twitter to post this image of Havok.

Lucas Till as Havok.

Lucas Till as Havok.

Agents of SHIELD

A Teaser Poster for Agents of Shield has been released via Superhero Hype for SDCC 13, Which will have a strong presence even if Marvel Studios have not announced panels for this years SDCC, given the immanent debut of the show.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

300: Rise of an Empire

Following on from the SDCC teaser poster we posted last week further promotional images have hit the web from 300: Rise of an Empire. Featuring the Returning Lena Heady as Queen Gorgo. The flick along with Sin City: A Dame To Kill For also based on Frank Miller’s work will not be out until 2014 after both being pushed back, Which is a strange coincidence given 300 is a WB picture and Sin City is a Weinstein picture and speculation has it that large portions of 300 have to be re-shot which is never a good sign for a movie.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Dr. Strange

Take this with a MASSIVE grain of salt but the latest actor to be attached to the role of the Marvel Studios property is sometimes Batman sidekick: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, well at least according to El Mayimbe over on Latino review (sometimes they get stuff so right and other times not so much).

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