Greg’s Thursday Top 5 Shows from the 90’s that should be comics

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is getting a new life as a comic, and it got me thinking, what else from the 90’s deserves a comic push.

5. Inspector Gadget

We saw a Gadget comic last year at free comic book day, I cant see why this can’t work, don’t do it as tongue and cheek as the show but have it as a man with the gadget powers trying to save the world from The Claw whilst raising his niece, I would read that.


4. Eerie, Indiana

Kid moves to a new town, everyone else is nuts, Elvis is walking about as is big-foot, Dogs are trying to take over the world, there’s a mad tornado hunter. There are Marvel and DC books out there with less story than that.


3. 3rd rock from the sun!

I don’t think I need to say anything here, it would be hilarious to read in the right hands.


2. Dungeons and Dragons

6 kids go on a roller coaster and end up in the “Realm of Dungeons & Dragons” meet and old wizard that gives them superpowers or weapons, they need to get home but on the way defeat Venger the dark Wizard and Tiamat the 5 headed dragon. The show never got an end and maybe with the comics it could get one.


1. Sliders
I Loved this show! 4 people use Sliding Technology to travel to a parallel universe earth, only it goes wrong and they loose the ability to go back to Earth Prime, so they have to just “Slide” between the universes until they get home. Its got good villains in the Kromagg’s who’re also sliding but with evil intentions, Think Walking Dead but more Sci/Fi than horror.


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Greg_AvatarGreg Watt
Article: Casting Couch
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