SDCC news: Marvel UK themed series announced

images (1)Shock of all shocks today from Comic Con Marvel announced a new miniseries by Andy Lanning who worked for Marvel UK during the heady heights of Death’s Head II. The series announced as being name “Revolutionary War” will feature MI13 but not only that but also the return of Deaths Head II who has been missing for quite some time with his last proper appearance being 1994.

Also expected to feature within the series is;

  • The Knights of Pendragon
  • Digitek & Warheads
  • Dark Angel
  • Motor Mouth

Not much has been announced but to quote the source article “It appears that the story will start when S.H.I.E.L.D. sent MI13 a request for help, which is answered by various Marvel UK heroes. The miniseries will feature a number of guest artists – it looks like a different artist for each issue, as far as I can tell – and will start in 2014.”

So for those looking for a less UScentric Marvel titles or even just to relive some bargain bin nostalgia keep an eye out for that.

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