Now Trending: Week 11

NOWTREvery weekend we will highlight articles that got the most views on the site. Trending this week on the is…

1) Screencrapped
First Amazing Spider-Man 2 footage, The Wolverine credits, SHIELD dates and new Xerxes poster
X-Men rumors: an overview, SDCC Shield Poster, Another 300 poster and a very Strange casting rumor
X-Men: Stills, Mecha Samurai and Apocalypse, Guardians in Hall H, Gina Carano in Liefeld Project and Crow poster
2) Season 2 trailer for Arrow released at SDCC
3) Glasgow Comic Con 2013 is over, So what now?
4) GCC ’13 in Costumes
5) SDCC news: Marvel UK themed series announced
6) Harley Quinn to get ongoing series
7) GCC ’13 – Carlos Ezquerra Q and A
8) Agents of SHIELD, Smulders reports for duty
9) Samii’s Thought of the Week: I’m so excited

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