BCP Birthday – Lynda Carter

Happy birthday Lynda!

Happy birthday Lynda!

In what looks like it’s going to be a busy round of birthdays today, our first of three birthday gals is Wonder Woman herself, the incomparable Lynda Carter.

And my birthday question is a simple one.  A lot of names have been banded around as potential replacements should DC actually get their asses in gear and make a Wonder Woman movie, but who would YOUR choice be to take up the lasso of truth on the big screen?
Sound off in the comments.

1 Comment on BCP Birthday – Lynda Carter

  1. Angelina Jolie… Not only would she make a hot wonder woman, but she’d bring a more “veteran acting” feel to the movie. Lynda has some mighty shoes to fill, so it’s going to take a well-known and well-rounded actress like Jolie to fill them, in my opinion. However, knowing how most all comic book movies have went, they’d probably be more likely to go with a fresher-face in hopes to bring them into the foresight of stardom.

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