X-Men Review: You Go Girls!

As I was trawling the internet for something else to read, I decided to myself to check out what X-Men has been up to recently. It was then that I discovered the news that they have rebooted X-Men with an all female cast. Of course I had to pick this up.

X-Men #1

X-Men #1

Going into the first issue of the series you can already tell from the front cover that it is beautifully drawn. Having Olivier Coipel on the team for this comic was a very good idea. The detail and expressions on the faces of the team really are spectacular, especially from Jubilee, they are full of pure emotion. The costume changes are also a good mix of old and new, and I for one am very glad with the glorious mohawk showing it’s appearance on Storm again. The colourist Laura Martin has really done and excellent job choosing the deep and vibrant colours in the palette to bring that extra depth in the panels.

The front cover art for X-Men #2

X-Men #2

The story is only loosely given away in the first few issues, but this was to be expected as they are mostly building it up. A mutant called Sublime that they have dealt with in the past comes back saying he has an evil win sister who is basically a big bit badass. Sublime and X-Men are forced to then team up to help rid the world of her. This is very much an action comic, so don’t be fooled if you think it will be boring, it really isn’t. They still have a lot to show in terms of story, but I have faith from the first issues that this won’t be a problem.

The second issue leaves on a real cliffhanger, so the next issue can’t come out sooner! I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys X-Men, or even just something a bit different and beautiful looking in their life.

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