Stuff and Things: 28th July 2013

45922_569520736427520_890948827_nWhat the fizzuck is up comic fans!

Welcome to another action packed edition of stuff and things!

Been steadily catching up with stuff over the last couple of weeks so here’s what’s caught my attention the most starting with the good stuff from comic con laast week.

Batman and Superman was announced as the 2015 sequel to MOS which caught many people off guard. It’s an interesting film if a little premature but WB clearly want a cut of that Avengers box office money (dolla dolla bills y’all!” Speculation about for casting of Bruce Wayne but if I were to pick my number one guy to take on the cowl it would be Ryan Gosling. He’s a suave and broody mofo and can be a total badass as well (see Drive for proof suckas!) and I think he would fit the bill perfectly.

Age of Ultron is the official sub title of the Avengers 2 which has me excited NOT because of Ultron but more that Thanos is gonna be built up over multiple movies as being a TOTAL FUCKIN BADASS before finally turning up and wrecking the gaff. Marvel studios have been knocking every ball out of the park lately so will be interesting to see how everything ties together from phase 2 leading into phase 3 and possibly beyond.

I’ve been on a total 80’s/90’s action movie binge and I’ve been wondering why some of these awesome epics have never been adapted for comics. Commando, Tango and Cash, Big Trouble in Little China and Rambo would all make for awesome ongoing comic series…..seriously someone make this happen.

I’ve been loving The “lost issues” of Deadpool that have been put out by the hilarious duo of Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan. 70’s Deadpool freakin rules and I would love to see more of his *ahem* “lost stories” in the future.

Hawkeye…..seriously, Matt Fraction can do no wrong. Never let this series end. EVER! (bonus Hawkguy news, Joss Whedon said he’s definately planning on doing more with Hawkeye in the next Avengers movies. To this I say YES! YES! YES!)

GODZILLA! seriously I shouldn’t need to say any more about this, I’m still marking out over that leaked reveal video…….IT’s GODZILLA!!!!!!!

In other news. I got engaged to my lovely other half this weekend and I’m chuffed to bits about it.

Till next week for more ramblings, Sayonara!

1) Limp Bizkit – Ready to Go
2) Converge – Eagles Become Vultures
3) Stick To your Guns – Amber
4) The Black Dahlia Murder – Necropolis
5) TRC – Define Cocky.

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2 Comments on Stuff and Things: 28th July 2013

  1. Oh, and since you like Deadpool’s antics I think you’d like Dr. McNinja (if you haven’t already seen it).

  2. So I decided to check out the website like I said and BAH GAWD KING ’tis a really cool site.
    Congratulations on your engagement too.

    (Daniel Bryan *clap clap clapclapclap*)

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