Stuff and Things… 4th August 2013

1014173_572513452794915_672798604_nAwreet folks welcome back to the weekly feature that features nothing in particular and everything in between.

Loads of Batman casting chat and debates raging across the internet still. Last week I threw in my top pick of Ryan Gosling to don the cowl but recent news has suggested they are looking for an “older” Batman in the film. With that In mind my other top picks for the role are Josh Brolin for A list, Joe Manganiello as the B choice and in the C section if they go with more of an “unknown” it has to be Scott Adkins.

HUNGER kicked off last week with Galactus stumbling across the Ultimate universe and threatening to munch the lot of it. I’d say the storyline kicked off to a good start with Rick Jones and the Kree/Chitauri being the first to encounter the big purple eater of worlds. It’ll be interesting to see how the “grounded” Ultimate heroes cope with a threat like Galactus and more interestingly, how it will affect the Ultimate imprint in the long run…..or short run if this is indeed THE END!

Rumours surfaced that Miles Teller was being lined up to play (a very freakin young) Mr Fantastic but that rumour was quickly squashed on twitter by director Josh Trank….the comic community breathed a long sigh of relief.

Anyone quick enough to catch the leaked trailer for Amazing Spider-Man 2? It looks FREAKIN AWESOME!

Apparently theres a new Dr Who………….No ma bag sadly but I get theres plenty of you lot who dig it, has it been announced yet? ye’s happy?

Anyways that’s me for another week but before I go let me remind y’all that our FIRST BCP JUMBLE SALE is happening on the 18th in NICE N SLEAZY on sauchihall street. We are also running a competition where one of you lucky buggers can win an awesome Batman canvas just by liking and sharing a picture AND the team are also working on bringing another couple of cool treats and events your way so stay tuned to Big Comic Page for more info.

As always leave your comments below and I’ll see y’all next week.


It’s called Absent Light.
You need it in your ears!

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