Ceej Says… Pulling Power (7th Aug 2013)

In a new weekly feature to the page, we’ve decided that – in addition to providing you with all the upcoming week’s comic releases – we’re also going to give you guys a few recommendations for titles to potentially add to your pull list this coming Wednesday.

These are purely based on my own opinion, but who knows? You might find yourself picking up a gem of a comic you would otherwise have missed out on.

Anyway, let’s get this inaugural edition on the road with…

SMFOES2013002-DC11-LR-fd581Superior Foes of Spiderman #2 (Marvel)

As good a writer as he clearly is, I wasn’t particularly excited about Nick Spencer’s latest Marvel project and its promise to show us how the villains lived their lives.  I picked it up anyway, partially out of curiosity and partially out of my love for Spencer’s writing, and I have to say, I was absolutely blown away.  It’s high praise indeed to say that this book is like a ‘bad guy’ version of Hawkeye, with the same dry sense of humour and tongue-in-cheek approach to the life of familiar characters.  Definitely a hidden gem, and one that a lot of people may have unfairly overlooked when the first issue hit last month.

ST_Cv23_udulghpvnw_Swamp Thing #23 (DC Comics)

Charles Soule has put together an absolutely stunning run in the wake of Scott Snyder’s departure from this title.  One of my consistently favourite comics during the first two years(!) of DC’s New 52, the book has managed to bring in a variety of ‘guest stars’ lately (Superman, Scarecrow, John Constantine) without diluting the focus on the main character.  The current arc is a classic example of that, with a terrific portrayal of Constantine and the latest in a long line of tough decisions for Alec Holland.  Well worth a look.

TRILL-Cv1-logo-comp-340b1Trillium #1 (Vertigo)

Jeff Lemire writing an emotional, sprawling, sci-fi love story that he himself calls the “most ambitious project I’ve ever attempted”?  Shut up and take my money!  Lemire’s work on the likes of Animal Man, Justice League Dark and Sweet Tooth has been nothing short of incredible, and seeing him put his hand to such a high-concept idea like this most definitely gets my geek juices flowing.  Vertigo’s resurgence has been well documented, and this title seems poised to be one of the ones leading the charge.  A bit of a gamble perhaps, but it seems like a safe bet in my mind.

manhatproj13-cover-af7e1The Manhattan Projects #13 (Image)

I finally caved in and jumped on the MP bandwagon a few issues ago, and I’ve been kicking myself ever since that I didn’t start earlier.  Jonathan Hickman’s ridiculously bonkers title – described by our own admin Chris as “the Expendables but with scientists” – seems to be going from strength to strength, and I strongly urge anyone who isn’t reading it yet to get on board.  You’ll thank me later, I promise you.

tengrand04-cover-00204Ten Grand #4 (Image)

I have been hyping and praising this title since its first issue, and continue to be blown away by both J. Michael Straczynski’s storytelling and Ben Templesmith’s absolutely jaw-dropping artwork.  With the first arc in full swing and Joe heading to hell itself to save the woman he loves, this is a title everyone – and I mean everyone – should have in their pull list every month.  Get your hands on some back issues and get involved in what may very well be my favourite title of the year so far.  And that’s saying something.

And that’s all for this week.  Let us know what title you recommend, and whether you decided to pick up any of the titles I suggested.

I’ll see you back here next week for another look at the comic week’s comics.

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