GK’s Where Are They Now?: Silver Sorceress Not To Be Confused with Scarlet Witch

silvsorSo the latest ‘Where are they now’ is just a bit later than I had hoped. Router problems, work commitments and all that jazz with further tech problems sidelined me by another week but originally the idea for this weeks installment came to me with recent chatter about the Scarlet Witch, what with celluloid beckoning

You see briefly  there was a not so subtle swipe at Marvel in Justice league books with characters appearing who were a tad familiar, call at a parody or a pastiche or whatever takes your fancy. Scarlet Witch had a DC doppelganger by the name of Silver Sorceress, But her time in comics was all to brief and needless to say this could lead to her being overlooked. So all the better to put her into the spotlight.


Week 7: Silver Sorceress not to be confused with Scarlet Witch

Who were they?: Just as years before Marvel introduced analogues of Justice League into Avenger titles with the Squadron Sinister, DC repaid the favor somewhat with the Champions of Angor. Initially the characters first debuted in post crisis DC as being from Angor which was a parallel to Earth. But it was only afterwards that they came to prominence during the Justice League International era, With Silver Sorceress and Blue Jay (a Hank Pym stand in) joining Justice League Europe as full fledged members and functioning mostly as foils to the Extremists. The Extremists were one of the big bad super villain teams of the early 90’s in Justice League books and were from the same Marvel-ish world that Silver Sorceress resided but destroyed it, They were in the mold of Marvel Villains Dr.Doom, Sabretooth, Doc Ock, Magneto and were led by Doomslayer who was a flame headed demon in the mold of Dormammu.

This led to the survivors Silver Sorceress and Blue Jay migrating over to Justice Leagues earth, Initially getting caught in Soviet Russia before being split up during an escape. Blue Jay ended up reaching JLE as Silver Sorceress ended up back in the ruins of Angor where she was brutalized by The Extremists. Then finally they crossed over and had a throwdown with the Justice League but as it turned out all of the Extremists except Doomslayer were robot duplicates. As the League deactivated the robots, Sorceress bests Doomslayer in a magic showdown and then is accepted along with her Blue Jay into JLE.

She then fought alongside the JLE against Starros and Giant worms and the like for almost a year but didn’t play much of a pivotal role as she did in her debut story arc and mostly became the teams token magic character, which every superteam can’t be without. This itself could be explained by the fact the character was shown to be introverted yet wanting to adjust to her new home where as Blue Jay was the more confident but couldn’t quite feel at home.

The biggest part she played during her run with the Justice League came during the Breakdowns crossover, at the start of which Maxwell Lord awakes from a coma, However as the story unravels it is revealed that Doomslayer inhabits Max’s body and is using Maxwell lords powers to influence the tribal natives of an Island called Kooey Kooey Kooey to do his bidding all the while replacing the minds of Justice League members with the personas of Extremist members. Silver Sorceress badly injured on the Island after being shot severs the Extremists hold over the Justice League and drew Doomslayer into a fight on the astral plane where her final act is the destroy him. Admittedly not one of the most memorised deaths in DC history it was none the less pretty powerful with Blue Jay morning her towards the end of the issue as he is the last of his race.

What have they done recently?: Not much at all, Inspite of League membership and being the foils of The Extremists who were a pretty badass  villain team there has been little seen of Silver Sorceress in continuity for years… Plus you know the whole dead thing.

What can we expect next?: Going out on a limb here but I will say nothing, The whole Marvel pastiche angle was pretty one note to begin with but the writers managed to use the characters effectively in the short time they were in the Justice League. Even with reboots it seems unlikely She or Blue Jay will reappear but there is always a place for the Extremists to return so never say never.

That’s about it, If you want to find out more definitely pick up Justice League Europe and Justice League issues in general from the time if you want to find out more and if you have any suggestions for future “Where are they now?” subjects then hit me up.

The writer of this piece was: GARYavGary Kane aka (GK)
Article: Where are They Now (Prev: Under The Influence)
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  1. You forgot her debut in the 1960s.

  2. Well written article, fella

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