The Scott Summers/Buffy Summers connection that nearly was

SumsThis is a interesting tidbit that wasn’t too widely reported following SDCC this year. But it’s been reported that at this years SDCC that Joss Whedon dropped a bombshell of a easter egg he had planned for his Astonishing X-Men run in which Scott Summers would say something to the extent that He had a cousin in a mental hospital who believed she was a demon hunter.

Now this may at first seem like a cute little callback to Buffy especially given the Summers surname but is also a direct reference to the series 6 episode of Buffy “Normal Again” in which Buffy awakes in a mental hospital after being attacked by a hallucinogenic demon… or was she?, The ending of the episode ended deeply ambiguously and left it open to interpretation as to whether the continued adventures are the status quo or just a delusion.

Needless to say they chose not to include Scott Summers as saying this, Which is perhaps for the best given it would have left the ending less ambiguous.

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